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Glassbox 2.0 Release Candidate 1 was completed in Q4 2007 and Glassbox 2.0 GA in early 2008. Please replace your old Glassbox 2.0 Beta by downloading the new and improved GA version of 2.0.

Glassbox is a troubleshooting agent for Java applications that automatically
diagnoses common problems.

Because Glassbox’s troubleshooting knowledge is built in, anyone can isolate a failing connection or a slow-running query instantly. You don’t need to analyze log files or graphs. Just one click, and Glassbox tells you in plain English what broke.

Spending too much time reading log files? Too hard to get fixes? Glassbox works differently. It's not a manual tool or data viewer and there's no need to change your code or rebuild your Java application. Just drop in Glassbox and get answers.

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