Pinpoint bugs effortlessly

Glassbox is the next-generation solution for troubleshooting J2EE and Enterprise Java applications.

Glassbox automatically traces failures and performance problems to the Java method responsible and reports stack traces or other information needed to fix the problem. Just copy Glassbox’s output to create a highly actionable bug report, even without reproduction steps.

Glassbox is easy to use, too. It requires no code or build changes, so it runs with existing builds. Its analysis is automatic, so you don’t need to understand the application code or analyze logs or graphs.

Quickly tell bugs from configuration problems

If you test many builds on many configurations, a sudden breakage can set you back. Is it a bug in the build, or is something misconfigured? You can spend a long time tracking the problem down.

Glassbox saves you analysis time by showing you exactly where a failure happened.

Simplify load testing

Glassbox is a valuable complement to load testing tools. When you drive load through the app, Glassbox will automatically pinpoint bottlenecks and report their complete stack traces. That means developers will see exactly where the problem lies, without having to recreate the conditions of your test.

Because Glassbox is designed to look for specific problems rather than to collect profiling data for human analysis, it introduces negligible performance overhead. It can even be used in production apps.

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