Spend less time troubleshooting

Glassbox spots common problems automatically and tells you exactly where in the code they happened, so you spend less time in log files and debuggers.

Identify performance bottlenecks quickly

Performance tuning is usually a separate step during development requiring a specialized, invasive profiling tool and manual analysis to identify bottlenecks. Most developers don’t have time to tune performance as carefully as they wish.

Glassbox’s approach is easier and faster. You set a performance goal for top-level operations, and as you run the product, Glassbox will simply tell you where you’re exceeding the goal and why. Because it doesn’t slow down the application, you can leave it turned on through the whole development cycle.

Reduce distractions from production issues

Development will always be the escalation point of last resort for application problems. It’s often the first resort too, because people upstream in the support chain don’t understand the code and can’t diagnose problems themselves. That means development spends its time troubleshooting the last version rather than building the next.

Glassbox is easy to use, doesn’t require knowledge of the code, and has troubleshooting skills built in. If people upstream are bringing you problems, set up Glassbox for them and get back to coding.

Diagnoses problems in other people’s code

No one can be an expert at everything, and no one can stay familiar with all the areas of code.

Debugging a system is not a job for specialists. All too often your investigation leads you layers of code and technology you haven't thought about recently, if ever.

Glassbox diagnoses these areas quickly and efficiently for you. No need for a Java server coder to dust off his long dormant JDBC manual. No need for a DBA to manually try and figure out thread contention in the java code.

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