Glassbox engineers are available to help you on a consulting basis in any phase of adoption. Common consulting engagements include both offsite customization and onsite installation/training.
  • Jump Start.   Examining your environment, getting Glassbox up and into place and providing basic training for your people. All the basics, usually in a 2 week package.
  • Application-specific customization.   Work with you to define the top application-specific problems you'd like to streamline, and implement automated diagnosis using Glassbox.
  • Unified monitoring.   Most management systems consider the applications a black box, we integrate Glassbox into your existing monitors to give you a true single view of your data center.
  • Performance Architecture Review.   Examine technologies used and architecture choices, with an eye toward performance, scalability and reliability. Provide suggestions or coding help from minor to major.


Glassbox is built on new technology, a new programming architecture, and a new way for development and operations teams to work together. Glassbox's onsite training helps you get up to speed quickly and find new efficiencies.
  • Introduction to Glassbox.  A two-day course will acquaint you with the basics of how Glassbox works. Choose an Operations, Development or QA focus, or get a combination.
  • Extending Glassbox.  This three-day course will enable you extend Glassbox with Java and AspectJ to solve problems specific to your applications.

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