Please visit the open source Glassbox 2.0 troubleshooter at

The Glassbox troubleshooter is an automated troubleshooting and monitoring agent for Java applications that diagnoses common problems with one-click. Drop it onto your existing Java Application Server (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic), either in production or testing. Because Glassbox's troubleshooting knowledge is built in, anyone can isolate a failing connection or a slow-running query instantly. It adapts to your application and pinpoints your errors or performance issue in plain English, and you no longer need to wade through log files and graphs.

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About the Glassbox Project

Please visit the open source Glassbox 2.0 troubleshooter at

You can visit our forums for any discussion or questions. And you can always reach us at [contact AT glassbox DOT com].

Future Directions

Some of the many exciting future directions to expand the project include:

  • Capturing more context about what is happening (e.g., stack traces and parameters), especially for unusual results (failures or abnormal response times)
  • Monitoring top-level resource information (for example, total time spent calling services or connecting to databases). This could be provided with better summary data.
  • Monitoring more operations, resources such as JMS and EJB, and expanding coverage for CPU-intensive components such as XML processing
  • Handling distributed monitoring, to track information across clustered applications and to correlate information across distributed calls.
  • Using Java 5 management information such as CPU times or thread-specific statistics.
  • Using application server JMX statistics, such as thread pools.
  • Capturing history and trends, with persistent storage and reports.
  • Using JMX to provide alerts and exposing statistical summaries. It would be very nice to roll-up key information about nested monitors in the JMX statistics.
  • Adaptively discovering relevant parameters to track (for example, for unknown database queries or Servlet requests).
  • Providing resource monitoring for higher-level database and service access frameworks (like Hibernate, TopLink, EJB 3 Persistence Managers, JAX-WS, etc.).
  • Allowing sampling to vary the amount of data captured.
  • Monitoring system events, such as 404 errors for requests to an Web application that aren't bound to a Servlet.
  • Providing different degrees of statistical summarization (for example, histograms of times spent in a request).
  • Monitoring business events, such as customer purchases or abandoned shopping carts.

Bugs, Support Requests and Forums

Glassbox supports community forums for general questions and as a first place to start. For more serious and well diagnosed issues, please visit Bugs or Support requests.

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