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Glassbox 2.0 the open source automated troubleshooter is here.

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Why Glassbox

  • Key Features and Benefits:
    • 100% FREE and Open Source.
    • Glassbox is a web app, drop it in and point your browser to our UI
    • Anyone can diagnose a problem with one click, without knowing the code
    • Concise English output ends miscommunication and finger-pointing
    • Measures SLA violations, so you know which problems matter
    • Low overhead won't slow down production applications
    • Plug and play. Up in minutes with no source or build changes needed.
    • Adapts to your code automatically, no need to 'train the app'
    • Monitor or Troubleshoot multiple agents simultaneously with the same client
  • Release Candidate New and Improved:
    • 9+ months of improvements from the Beta
    • Improved installation, more platforms, improved automation
    • More Monitors, Glassbox understands more frameworks and finds more issues
    • Improved APIs for integration
    • And last but not least... More tested and more bug fixes
  • Pinpoints Faults Out of the Box:
    • Slow database query
    • Database connection failure
    • Broken database query
    • Failing Java
    • Slow Java
    • Bottleneck or thread contention
    • Slow or Failing web service
    • Inneficient Java code
    • Slow or Failing remote procedure call
    • Faulty HTTP
    • Java Mail Issues
    • Broken FTP
  • Conclusive diagnoses, not piles of logs and reports
  • Simple web-based list/detail UI paradigm
  • Safe, only standards based monitoring, no custom byte-code manipulation
  • Technology Supported:
    • Platforms: Windows/Linux/Solaris
    • Java6 Versions: From Sun, BEA JRockit and IBM
    • Java5 Versions: Java 1.5 JVMs from Sun, BEA JRockit and IBM
    • Other Java Versions: 1.4.x JVMs from Sun, BEA jRockit and IBM
    • Databases: Oracle / MySQL / IBM DB2 / SQL Server
    • Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss, Oracle OC4j, Websphere, Resin
    • Please check back, or contact us on the forums about support for other platforms. We are actively adding support for other technology platforms.
  • Robust, flexible, easily adaptable: uses standards-based AspectJ and JMX infrastructure
  • No licensing and no rules about where you can or cannot run Glassbox 2.0

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