Faster Triage

When someone reports a problem in a multilayered application, ownership can be hard to establish. Each layer has an owner, but often each layer viewed individually looks healthy. Diagnosing problems therefore requires getting the owners on conference calls to point fingers at each other.

Glassbox cuts through the confusion by diagnosing problems automatically and presenting a smoking gun. With a clear statement of the problem and its high-level impact, you can have fact-based conversations with the rest of the team.

Instant application monitoring

The application server is the most frequent source of problems in a distributed app, since it’s both the integration nexus to other servers and host to not-always-reliable application code. It’s also the least transparent component to people outside development--particularly operations staff charged with keeping it up and running. When app performance mysteriously drops, all too often the answer is just to reboot the machine more often.

Glassbox lets you see problems inside the application, without having to understand the code, get anyone to change it, or even have access to it. Nor do you have follow the trail it leaves in log files. Wanting to monitor a mysterious app left by a long-gone development team? Just plug in Glassbox.

Interfacing with Network Monitoring

Most Operations monitoring tools normally treat an application--the most common point of failure--as a black box. Glassbox can work together with existing management tools, illuminating the application server and bringing it into the larger network framework. Glassbox can work alone to automatically diagnose your common application problems, or as part of your existing management infrastructure to illuminate the application server and bring it into view for operations.

Find out how Glassbox can enhance your Network Monitoring.

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